Peak Carpentry & Design Philosophy

Morris2Peak Carpentry and Design is a small hands-on construction company that focuses on quality of materials and craftsmanship.  These characteristics are in synch with those of the Arts and Crafts movement which developed and flourished at the turn of the 20th century as a reaction to both the heavily ornamented Victorian style and mass-produced  construction.  Peak strives to build and remodel homes based on the following premises.

  1. “Surround yourself with nothing that is not useful, and have nothing in your home that is not beautiful.  Beauty and practicality should go hand-in-hand.”  - William Morris
  2. Everyone is unique and there home should reflect their individuality and tastes.  When it comes to homes, one size does not fit all.  Each home should be tailored to it's owners, having intimate spaces that work in concert with and flow into larger  spaces that family and friends can comfortably  gather in.
  3. “It is unwise to pay too much, but worse to pay too little.” – John Ruskin   While many builders use porcelain tiles, laminated floors, and cement shake, Peak uses quality materials and pays attention to details that possess both simplicity and organic harmony.
  4. Peak Carpentry believes in the value of quality. Peak will not run after bids, not be the cheapest, but will always work to provide a home that meets the criteria set forth above in concert with the goals of the person/family for whom we are working.
  5. "Beauty is what matters, carefully calculated and exquisitely crafted.  When one approaches such a house it must not intrude itself upon one’s sight, but rather fit into the things around it…good things are not always seen at once.  They do not need advertising but when they are found, seen at once, but they do not need advertising when they are found."  — Charles Greene


John Stevens (as described by his mother) has been a carpenter since he was a toddler in Asheville, NC, and handed a hammer, some roofing nails and pieces of cedar.   In short order he was constructing toy trucks and boats, a fine beginning for what has become his life’s work.  Another passion was drawing.   Even now it would be easy to pick out his drawings with their intricate and yet orderly designs from a group, yet another harbinger of what he would become.  Now, his third passion, playing soccer, probably doesn’t fit in this bio… unless being ready to pound hard down the field to score the goal is illustrative of how focused he is on doing things well.  For that he surely is!

When he left for college at Ohio Wesleyan University, his plans were to study business.  But his heart won out and, even though he had no idea how he’d make a living as an artist, he chose fine arts as his major.  Then, like many a fine arts major, he began his working life waiting tables at Rio Bravo in Atlanta, where he met Stacey, now his wife.   In a move many new college grads make, he and Stacey moved to Colorado where he found a job as a framer.  Thus his entry into the professional world of construction.  He find-tuned his skills as a carpenter and started his own handyman business before returning to Atlanta.  After working for a few years as a carpenter and crew leader for others, he formed his own business, Peak Carpentry and Design.  In the midst of all this, he remodeled his own original Arts and Craft bungalow, which has twice been featured in the Kirkwood Tour of Homes, and remodeled dozens of homes. And together with Stacey, have given me two fantastic granddaughters, Madison and Sydney.